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Transform Your Team Culture

Get your team fired up with inspirational and actionable keynotes and workshops with executive leader and employee engagement expert, Lori Lee

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How Lori can help you create a transformational employee experience

Lori is an executive leader with experience leading larger teams up to 120 indirect reports simultaneously. In her tenure, she's experienced

  • Zero regrettable employee churn

  • Top tenth percentile manager effectiveness scores

  • Driven exceptional results in customer-facing and revenue teams

She spreads this skill wider with companies who are looking to increase their team's productivity without burning out.

Contact Lori to learn more about her experience and outlook on values-based leadership and how she can support you.

Lori curates impactful education for organizations

While delighting HR and executive teams (you, my client) is important, the real value comes from how engaged your employees are and the actions off the back of these keynotes and courses

Here's what some have to say about me

“Just wanted to provide some feedback on the course. Your passion, attention to detail, delivery and follow through was excellent.”

Jacqueline, US


Work with Lori to design an action-orientated session

Lori will be in touch within 48h!

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