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Welcome to Holistic Fitness

The revolutionary way to train because we were sick of seeing people grind ourselves into burn out.

Why Balanced Fitness

Fitness isn't meant to be a drag and it's okay to not go hard every single day. We designed balanced fitness because we wanted you to have options on the days you felt low, have a heavy period or just can't be bothered.

Balanced fitness is designed under three principles.

✅ Eat well

✅ Move well

✅ Breathe well 

We focus on the journey rather than the destination. We focus on health rather than the hustle.

Studio Fitness

Hey 👋 I'm Lori

I'm a holistic fitness trainer and start-up leader. From deep experience in both the fitness and corporate industries, I noticed a concerning commonality.


Burnout is being addressed in the workplace but in the fitness industry? Not so much.

Holistic fitness is a balance of pushing your boundaries while managing your stress. It's my mission to help others find that balance through holistic fitness.

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What Is Holistic Fitness?

Holistic fitness is fitness for any body in any mood at any time. We honor the mindset you're in for the day and adjust movement for your enjoyment.

Fitness Ladies
"I just bought my first size 8 (that's a 4 in US sizing) pair of jeans the other day and I'm so super proud and happy about it lol. I just had to let you know because if you didn't help me get my mind right and teach me diet and exercise I wouldn't have been able to get to a point where I'm living a happier and healthier life. Thank you so so much!"

Tamara, Australia

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