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Hello, I am Lori

A leader, writer, and speaker committed to helping you do more meaningful work in less time

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I knew I wasn't born for boring, and neither are you

What did you want to be when you grew up? Have you truly achieved that dream?

Most of us aren't engaged in our roles at work and as a result, suffer from procrastination, feelings of apathy and we turn to sugar, alcohol and other vices to numb the pain of living an unfulfilled life.

I was the same.

Since, I was a little girl, I knew I wasn't born for boring, and neither are you.

Born into a single-parent family under the poverty line, the world told me I was lucky to find a well-paying job. But I knew there was more to life and working for something I was passionate about and aligned with my core values is key.

After living in four countries, studying yoga, psychology, and fitness, and leading hundreds of people in Corporate America (and New Zealand and Australia), I can truly say I've designed a life I've fallen in love with.

And I want to help you fall in love with your life too.

I Help Individuals and Companies Get Unstuck

If you feel you are destined for more, there's massive value you can provide, or you have no idea what your unique value is yet — you're in the right place 💜 


It's my mission to help you discover and do more of what lights you up

The truth is, I had no idea what career I might fit into or even what my key skills were. Throughout my observations as an executive leader, professional leadership training and facilitation, and speaking on transformational and value-based leadership — I've observed and coached individuals through common thought patterns and beliefs that stifle productivity increasing the amount of meaningless work you engage in.


Which brings me to you

Does this sound like you?


You're trapped in a job you hate

85% of employees are disengaged in their role. That means less productivity and revenue for companies and a lack of meaning for employees. No one likes to feel like a chair warmer. We're taught to earn money, but not to discover what's going to make us happy. I'm here to change that


You have too much work and can never complete projects on time

Every yes is a no to something else. Often, employees say yes when they're experiencing imposter syndrome or when they have no idea what their values and mission are. I help you understand what your values are and how they roll up into every decision you make in love, career and life


You procrastinate all your goals

Procrastination only increases anxiety and reduces your ability to learn. Often procrastination comes from a state of fear or lack of direction. I help leaders increase their ability to communicate how small actions feed into the big goal and I help individuals break down their lofty goals to increase productivity


You have no idea what you're good at or what you're passionate about

Ultimately, disengagement, procrastination and avoidant behaviors are all a symptom of having no idea how you can provide value. After experiencing this myself and guiding hundreds of corporate employees through existential crisis, I can help you discover what lights you up

How I Help Companies and Individuals Increase Productivity While Reducing Burnout



Free Inspirational Content

As someone who was raised with little, I'm passionate about keeping most of my education free. On the blog, podcast and YouTube channel, I share generalized advice on fitness, leadership and overcoming out-dated beliefs.


Individualized Coaching

Invest in your dream life and I will help you design the life of your dreams. I integrate my experience in executive leadership roles and education in biomedical science, psychology and fitness to help you get unstuck


Keynote Speaking

As an experienced facilitator and HR consultant, I specialize in creating unique workshops and inspirational keynotes. My work is intended to increase employee engagement and in turn productivity

About Lori Lee

Author, Speaker & Leader

Lori is an executive leader, speaker, trainer, author, and host of The Holistic Fitness Podcast—the revolutionary way to help leaders create meaningful goals and achieve them in record time without burning out

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