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Get your goals without burning out

Lori Lee

Author, Speaker, Holistic Fitness Trainer


The Holistic Fitness Podcast

The Holistic Fitness Podcast hosted by Lori focused on how your psychology and social environment can impact your habits. Often, we focus on productivity without thought to why we seem too tired to focus on our goals. Lori interviews habit-building and stress management experts. 

Micro Workout App: hf60

Getting into new habits is hard, that's why Lori has created an app specifically to help you get back into the habit of working out. Whether it's a five minute workout while the coffee is brewing or a 30 minute session while your toddler is sleeping, this app has something for you!


About Lori

Hey! I'm Lori! I'm a fitness trainer, yoga teacher and tech start up leader. In both fitness and corporate worlds, I've noticed a common theme—burnout. It's my mission to help people get their goals without burning out and I do this through my journal, the holistic fitness podcast, and my hf60 app where you can find super chill and achievable workouts.

Buy the Goal Getting Journal

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Michael, AUS

From the first session with Lori till the last, she always encouraged me to do the best I can. Showing me technique and correcting me when not quite perfect. With a balanced approach to both mental and physical health, Lori provides a holistic program that is tailored to each individual. Thank you, Lori!

Joann, UK

Lori's holistic approach to health and fitness is foolproof. She has a rare and talented ability to reach connect with people and to help them set individualised and meaningful goals. These are massive motivators for never missing a training session. Plus the faxt that she does push you out of your comfort zone in such a way that is always fun and leaves you feeling exhilirated, not exhausted.

Tamara, AUS

I just bought my first size 8 (that's a 4 in US sizing) pair of jeans the other day and I'm so super proud and happy about it lol. I just had to let you know because if you didn't help me get my mind right and teach me diet and exercise I wouldn't have been able to get to a point where I'm living a happier and healthier life. Thank you so so much!
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