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Get Your Goals Without Burning Out


Hey! I'm Lori

My guess is that you stumbled across my podcast or one of my videos across social media. However, you clicked onto here—I'm so glad you made it!🫶🫶🫶🫶🫶🫶🫶🫶 This website is full of free blogs and training to help you achieve your wildest dreams without crashing and burning. Let's create your dream life together! 👯‍♀️

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Get Fired Up With The Holistic Fitness Podcast

Listen to experts spill their trade secrets on motivation, resilience, mental fitness and health. With hundreds of episodes to choose from, you'll get inspired to achieve even the largest of dreams.

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Get Individualized Help

Discover your purpose, boost your fitness, get more done than you ever thought you could

Your problems and opportunities are unique. While generalized support on podcasts and social media is a good start, sometimes you need an additional push. Work with Lori one on one to achieve your goals in record time!

"I just bought my first size 8 (that's a 4 in US sizing) pair of jeans the other day and I'm so super proud and happy about it lol. I just had to let you know because if you didn't help me get my mind right and teach me diet and exercise I wouldn't have been able to get to a point where I'm living a happier and healthier life. Thank you so so much!"

Tamara, AU

Keynote Speaking

Inspire your audience with a renowned and action-based professional

Lori has shared actionable insights on fitness, leadership and human connection with hundreds of participants. If your audience is stuck and you need a moving speaker, contact us today.

“Just wanted to provide some feedback on the course. Your passion, attention to detail, delivery and follow through was excellent.”

Jacqueline, US

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The Goal Getting Journal

Get your goals without burning out within 12 weeks with this evidence-based journal. Track your time and habits and increase your gratitude and self-awareness so you can continue to grow.

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