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Why you can't stop sugar cravings and the single mindset shift to fix them

"Just one more," "I'll start next Monday," "but I'm on my period" are some of the stories that your mind tells you to convince you that eating crap is okay. So, you give in. You eat the chocolate. You drink the soft drink, and it feels so good. Then, the guilt trip arrives saying, "why did you do that" "you know that's making you fat," or whatever thought patterns you're stuck in.

This is the cycle of food addiction. But you can stop sugar cravings once you make a simple mindset shift that most people fail to realize. You're not lazy, you're recovering from an addiction that helps you escape from something uncomfortable in your life.

How Sugar Cravings Start

Sugar cravings can start in a multitude of ways. It can be from childhood, from watching your parents or because everyone else in your office drinks the same soft drink. But when it boils down to it, addiction to sugar and other foods or drinks is from an "I am not good enough" belief. 🤯

Think about it, why else would you sabotage your body with something that you know isn't good for you in the name of short-term pleasure? I've noticed that most of my clients whether it be fitness or leadership, have had a tough life in some sort of way.

Almost all of them have been pressured into a certain life path, are in a toxic relationship, or in an environment that isn't conducive to their mental health. They put up with shit because they think they're not good enough to receive a better set of circumstances, and they eat like crap to numb the pain of those circumstances.