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Why to-do lists don't work and what you need instead

Throw your to-do lists in the trash. It's time for the rise of a to-done list. To-do lists are overwhelming, never-ending, and always seem to be getting longer. In fact, studies reveal that they don't work at all. If we have a list of 8 items or greater, our brain wants to shut down!

You can hack your brain chemistry and try something different to boost your productivity. For that, you need a to-done list in your life. Here's why.

Why to-do lists don't work and to-done lists work better

Basically, to-do lists make us feel like crap. All of us could write down the endless tasks that we have to do on paper, without considering how lucky we are that we get to do all these tasks. Those of you who have ever felt purposeless will know what I mean. Having too much to do, is extremely overwhelming; but when we try logging the reverse, it has profound mental effects.

To-Done lists help us focus on the good

Have you ever finished writing a to-do list, and then became i