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Supermush Review (Read this before you buy!)

Functional mushrooms, superfoods, and adaptogens are extremely popular in health and wellness culture. As a personal trainer, I'm always a little skeptical of supplementation as I strongly believe in the importance of whole foods over supplements. Here, I'll share my no-BS SuperMush review after thirty days of testing these mouth sprays.

Affiliate notice: some of the links within this article may be affiliate links meaning that I may receive a small commission if you click on them and choose to purchase at no extra cost to you.

What is SuperMush Spray?

You're not alone if you're wondering "what on earth is a mouth spray?" We're conditioned to take our supplementation like our medication—in pill form. So it's natural to want to do your research. Oral sprays allow the powerful ingredients of these mushroom products to absorb more rapidly and I certainly experienced this with SuperMush. I felt the instant effects of some of the sprays as I'll share later on in this article.

Supermush Review

SuperMush sprays contain functional mushrooms. These, like magic mushrooms, have potent ingredients to balance your energy levels, strengthen your immune function, enhance digestion, and make your skin glow.

Is SuperMush Psychedelic?

Nope! None of the mushrooms inside SuperMush contain psilocybin, so they're totally legal and you don't have to worry about hallucinating. The ingredients inside SuperMush are adaptogens meaning that they help your body adapt better to stress and improve your overall immune system. If you're on the nerdy side, like me, here's some more information on medicinal mushrooms.

is supermush psychadelic

SuperMush Review

I put the functional mushroom mouth spray to the test and tried all three in completely different states; exhausted, energized, and every mood in between! First up, I've got to say, they have super fun psychedelic branding. There's a 70s good vibrations feel from the relatively new brand and I loved the unboxing experience! Check out the unboxing experience in my video above. But on the practical side of things, here's how SuperMush impacted my day-to-day.

Daily Energy Mouth Spray

The daily energy mouth spray is marketed as a delicious mouth spray to keep you going all night without the caffeine or alcohol And it works.

supermush energy mouth spray


The SuperMush team have carefully selected ingredients to give you a daily boost. Inside the daily energy mouth spray, you'll find.

  • Cordyceps: a fungus that improves the immune system, increases athletic performance, reduces inflammation, and contains anti-aging properties.

  • Lion's mane: a fungus that improves executive function including reducing symptoms of Alzheimer's, depression, and anxiety.

  • Rhodiola: a plant that decreases stress, depression, and fatigue with anti-cancer properties.

The ingredients within the daily energy mouth spray are all organic, sourced around the world, and contain a generous potency. For more ingredient details, check out the energy spray here.


The daily energy mouth spray tastes good! I certainly don't feel like I need to wash my mouth out, but I also don't crave the taste. I have a small mouth and find that I need to spray closer to my mouth so it doesn't get on my skin. I can definitely taste the alcohol up close but not in a super concerning way. On the palette, it's a healthy burst of citrus designed for a daily boost of energy.

supermush energy spray

Does it work?

The daily energy mouth spray did increase energy levels but I still felt like I needed a coffee in the morning. I feel like a sack of potatoes in the morning, and no amount of self-help, motivational talks, or mouth spray will get me moving. I just need time with my journal.

I tried bringing this out to a girl's night, and it honestly did keep me going. I'm not interested in drinking much alcohol anymore because I can't stand the way it makes me feel the next few days. This definitely provided me with the much-needed boost throughout the night without ruining my sleep or wrecking my health.

I definitely recommend replacing your energy drink with this mushroom spray because it gives you that much-needed boost to show up in the way that you need to.

Daily Immunity Mouth Spray

The daily immunity spray is fittingly called cinnamon toast with a powerful blend of functional mushrooms and superfoods.

supermush immunity mouth spray


The cancer-fighting ingredients in this blend are sure to boost the immune system:

  • Turkey tail: is proven to boost your immune system and even fight cancer. Turkey tail also improves your gut flora with prebiotic fiber.

  • Reishi: is a functional mushroom that boosts the immune system, alleviates stress, and lowers your blood pressure.

  • Acerola: is a cherry that is high in vitamin C and an anti-oxidant. You'll find it in many health food shops to help with colds and flu.


The daily immunity spray tastes like cinnamon toast and I'm not going to lie, it's very cinnamon-ey. Personally, I love the taste, butreviews on their website are mixed. If you like cinnamon, this cinnamon toast flavor will be delicious. But if not, the flavor profiles of this one might be too overbearing.

Does it work?

With the immunity spray, the health benefits are clear on paper but when you're doing something as a preventative measure, it's hard to comment on it's long-term effects. What I can say is that I didn't get sick, and the research adds up. Turkey tail for example, has a bunch of studies that show a positive correlation between these functional mushrooms and their power to influence overall immunity. I say, it can't hurt you, and I'll continue to use them to give me a little boost.

supermush immunity spray

Daily Chill Mouth Spray

The daily chill spray was my favorite of the bunch. I live a stressful life and this mushroom product really calmed me down. This spray has all the usual benefits like regulating the nervous system, improving executive function and promoting a healthy gut flora. But this daily mouth spray helped me feel an overwhelming sense of calm within minutes.

daily chill supermush spray


  • Ashwaghanda: is a root that helps stabilize cortisol and the overall stress balance of your body. It's also a natural aphrodisiac and helps you maintain a strong labido.

  • Reishi: also helps overall stress levels and improves sleep. It's known as the "mushroom of immortality" and is proven to prevent cancer.

  • Lion's mane: improves brain function and can help you stay more focused in an increasing distracted world.


Like the daily energy mouth spray, the daily chill spray tastes great! Looking at the reviews online, others don't seem to complain about the taste either. This spray is called the Hibiscus Dream and tastes like dried lavender, star anise, and dark ripe fruit on the tongue.

Does it work?

Yes. This is my favorite of the bunch because I felt relaxed in minutes. I've been a big fan of ashwagandha for a while in pill form, but this mushroom spray was so much faster acting than I've ever experienced. I can rely on the daily chill every time to relax when I need to move to another state. I'll definitely be buying again!

supermush chill spray

How can you get your daily dose of functional mushrooms?

SuperMush have three different delicious mouth sprays containing functional mushrooms and adaptogens to regulate your nervous system and promote healthy gut flora. It's easy to get your daily dose because you simply spray it in your mouth!

  • Shake the spray bottle

  • Hold 1 inch away from your mouth

  • Spray onto your tongue four times

  • Repeat up to three times per day

If, like me, you want to make the most of the daily mouth sprays but you have a small mouth, just bring it a little closer to your mouth so it doesn't get on the outside of your mouth. As a note, the Daily Chill mouth spray does color your face if you accidentally miss your mouth. Totally not speaking from experience of course.

Is it worth it?

Absolutely. At such a low price for SO MUCH organic goodness, I recommend grabbing the bundle and seeing which spray works for you, if not all! But if you must choose one, the daily chill is just so calming and instantly gets me into chill mode even when I'm ready to bounce off the walls.

I'm a big believer in getting back to our roots. Humans were eating mushrooms for their health benefits for years before we stopped and created processed foods. Personally, functional mushrooms and superfoods could help us revert to our optimal health again. I absolutely love the SuperMush daily sprays and I will be purchasing again!

supermush bundle


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