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9 Surprising Physical and Mental Benefits of Journaling

Do you remember your very first journal? You were probably 8-12 years old, and it might’ve had a cute little lock so no one could access your deepest and darkest secrets. You’re not the only one. But you probably didn’t know the benefits of journaling on your emotional, cognitive and physical development.

We’ve been journaling as early as writing records go back. Anne Frank poured her negative emotions and positive feelings into a journal, allowing the rest of the world to truly understand what it was like for so many families during World War II. Probably a stress-management tactic in her miserable conditions.

Even Marco Polo kept perhaps one of the earliest travel blogs. A journal back in the 1200s that described his voyages and travels across the world. But it’s only recently that we’re able to study why journaling is incredible for us.

Numerous scientists have tested the psychological, physical, and cognitive benefits of journaling. So if you’ve been looking for an excuse to pick up the pen again, I’ve got you.

Here are nine surprising benefits of journaling.